If you have come to the moment of choosing a penis pump, then you probably already know that erectile dysfunction pumps are really different in terms of quality, technology, efficiency, and safety.

I made this guide specifically for those men who do not just want to read some penis pump characteristics and draw some conclusions and buy based on them. You can’t just choose from dozens and even hundreds of different options, so I decided to personally order the following pumps not only for this review but also for myself.

I shared my own impressions of the purchase of the best penis pumps, showed how to use them, and outlined the results that I got. And, of course, I spoke in detail about my feelings during the daily pumping.

I documented my experience with my own photos and even videos, both in this review and on Youtube .

After reading the veils in this review and my personal experience as a user, I am sure you will no longer doubt which pump is the best on the market now.

So, I prepared well and purchased some really very praised penis pumps:

  1. Bathmate Hydromax is one of the most popular but not cheap hydro pumps on the market.
  2. Bathmate HydroXtreme is an improved version of the Hydromax water pump, but with additional features and accessories. I’m talking about manual penis pumping with a handball and additional useful accessories.
  3. Bathmate Hydro 7 is Bathmate ‘s first range of hydro pumps that are very affordable. Only 110$
  4. Penomet is a competitor to Bathmate penis pumps. In many respects, it copies the technology but has a number of its own differences. For example, it is universal and you do not need to choose a pump for the size of your penis. It also has its own system of nozzles that regulate the strength of the vacuum. It can be strengthened over time. Well, materials – a cheaper, but quite practical material for the pump tube were used here.
  5. The AndroVacuum pump is the only electric penis pump that is truly effective in relieving erectile dysfunction problems. At the same time, it is safe, recommended by the FDA and its use in automatic mode helps to avoid side effects.

My testing:

I used Hydromax for 2 months and achieved certain results

I have used the HydroXtreme for 4 months and consider it the best after I tested other pumps

Hydro 7 – I’ve only been using it for a week and just wanted to make sure it’s still the same Bathmate. And it turned out to be true – the same functions, but a less confident result.

Penomet – I liked using the pump, its versatility is really captivating and the presence of nozzles to increase the power of pumping pleased me. Moreover, the pump itself can be used not only in water but also without it.

Also, Penomet not only gets rid of erection problems but is also able to enlarge the penis and get rid of premature ejaculation. I have used it for 3 months and I admit that it is inferior in quality, effectiveness, and safety to Bathmate HydroXtreme.

Once again, I clarify what the penis pump is used for

First of all, penis pumps are a quick way to get an erection. Initially, penis pumps were created in order to stimulate an erection. Moreover, the first pumps were very unsafe. Little has been said about the fact that the action of the vacuum for too long and with the excessive force of the vacuum can provoke serious adverse reactions, such as hematomas of the penis, rupture of capillaries, and redness. More serious consequences are problems with erection and pain.

It turned out that penis pumps are not a toy at all and the price for their misuse can be a complete loss of erection and medical intervention.

More modern penis pumps also mostly use a vacuum inside an air tube which is then negatively pressurized. They have an automatic mode of operation, comfort accessories such as rubber caps, pressure levels, and clear guidelines for safe use.

Hydro pumps have not only significantly outperformed their competitors in terms of comfort but also vastly improved technology that now works more efficiently and delivers additional results. For example, a pump such as Bathmate is able, due to the presence of water in the tube and the creation of negative pressure in it, to uniformly act on the entire shaft of the penis so as to stimulate blood flow throughout the penis and restore an erection.

We are no longer talking about artificial erection immediately after using the pump, but about therapy in the fight against erectile dysfunction. In addition, it is also about stretching the tissues of the penis, which affects the growth of the penis.

Prolonged use of hydro pumps such as Bathmate provides relief from erectile dysfunction. We are talking about using the penis pump for several months every day in the bath or shower.

In turn, the Androvacuum pump also positively affects your erectile abilities in case of daily use for several months.

Penomet pump also relieves you of the premature ejaculation problems that many men suffer from. By improving blood circulation in the tissues of the penis, your sexual functions improve and you begin to better manage your sexual energy. This has a positive effect on your ability to delay ejaculation.

How to choose the best penis pump for yourself?

So, suppose you have decided what you need a pump for (rapid erection increase, getting rid of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis enlargement, desire increase, erection strengthening). In that case, it’s time to choose the best one for yourself following your anatomical features and, comfort level wishes, efficiency. Some pumps work more efficiently to solve certain problems.

Penis pump size

It is believed that the size of the pump directly affects the quality of the vacuum and its effect on the penis. That is why only one Bathmate pump offers a choice of pumps according to your penis length and width. That is why it is considered the best on the market, as it is individually selected for itself.

Customer Reviews

This is the most important factor in pump selection. Read the forums, the same blogs as mine from real users, and you can also read the reviews on the official website. All this information will allow you to form the right impression of the pump and its efficiency. Also, many users tell how they use them and their experience can be borrowed to achieve the best results with maximum comfort.


Among the best penis pumps that I purchased (6 different ones), each had its own characteristics and capabilities, pluses and minuses, which you will see for yourself. At the same time, your choice should be based not only on what users choose for themselves on the forums, but also taking into account your own goals.

At the same time, pumps with maximum functionality, when you can fully regulate the strength of the vacuum, and provide yourself with accessories for comfort and safety, are the most recommended for purchase.

Some electric pumps use displays to indicate the level of pumping and other parameters. This is very convenient if you are dealing with electric pumps since it is important to follow the recommendations for the time and strength of pumping when working with them.

Difficulty level to use

Automatically operated pumps are considered the best for beginners as they do not need to manually adjust the vacuum, which can be dangerous. Among the automatic pumps, Hydromax from Bathmate, Penomet, AndroVacuum can be noted. When you use a pumping bulb, you are encouraged to adjust the vacuum strength yourself, and experienced users best do this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pumps

How long do I need to use the pump to get an erection?

If you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction, pumps such as Bathmate can be very effective and in a few months completely get rid of the problem.

Can I enlarge my penis using a pump?

Penomet offers such a feature, but Bathmate can also be effective. The fact is that the action of the vacuum stretches the tissue. Micro-ruptures of tissues occur, which are then filled with new cells. The water inside the tube helps make this process painless and effective.

Due to the water, you can use more pressure, and it is better distributed along the entire length of the penis. This not only helps increase blood flow in the penis tissues but also improves the stretching of the penis tissues. As a result, they can let in more blood, making your penis appear larger.

How safe is it to use penis pumps?

If you use the pump according to the instructions, then you save yourself from many problems associated with side effects. At the same time, the use of hydro-pumping technology is a safer and more comfortable choice.

Agree, who likes to experience pain during the operation of the pump? That is why pumps such as Bathmate and Penomet are more recommended than electric pumps, even the best ones. The hydro pump does not give any side effects in the case of using the automatic mode. If you use a manual bulb, carefully monitor the vacuum strength and the time you use the pump so as not to harm your penis.

What technique to use to get the best result?

There are no special programs for using penis pumps. The best practice is in the manual itself, do not attempt to make any changes to it, as this may affect the pump’s efficiency and safety. Standard practice is to use the pump once a day for 15 minutes with breaks. For one session, it is recommended to use the pump for no more than 5 minutes.

Bathmate Hydromax review

A brief description of:

This is one of the most popular Bathmate pump ranges and it’s because this pump has all the features you need, it’s really more efficient than its Hydro 7 predecessor and can be personalized to the right size to fit your penis.

And this pump comes with all the necessary accessories. It can be used both in the shower and in the bath and it gives a good result. It is especially loved by beginners since it does not need to be dealt with, it is enough to follow the instructions and use it regularly.

Pros of this pump:

  • works in automatic mode
  • hydro pumping technology is 35% more effective than in the first series of pumps
  • can be used both in the shower and in the bath
  • no side effects if used correctly
  • selection of the pump size following the parameters of the penis
  • helps to get rid of erectile dysfunctions, penis enlargement, erection strengthening

Cons of the pump:

  • impossible to use without water
  • no way to increase the vacuum
  • has a limit to achieving results
  • there are not enough accessories for storage and transportation
  • the pump is quite heavy if you hold it yourself, and do not use the shower strap

HydroXtreme penis pump

Short description: the most powerful pump in the Bathmate series of pumps. The pump size can also be selected according to the length and width of your penis. At the same time, the pump itself can be used as HydroMax, and by connecting a pear through a hose, you can increase the pumping manually. This pump is recommended for manual use by experienced users, while beginners can use it as a HydroMax without handball.


  • the most powerful pump for maximum results
  • it can be used both with water and no premium
  • the best performance Bathmate pump
  • can be used for penis enlargement, as the vacuum strength is adjustable
  • functional pump in matters of getting rid of erectile dysfunction
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories for comfort and care of the pump


  • high price
  • it is not recommended to use the pump with a pear for beginners
  • you need to select the size of the pump carefully
  • when using a handball can cause side effects if used incorrectly

Hydro 7

A brief description of:

This pump is the last to be sold on the official Bathmate website from the first series of pumps. The second Goliath pump has been discontinued, and all other pumps have been renamed and are now available under new names with new features.

Hydro 7 is still the same Bathmate, although the technology is 35% less efficient. At the same time, the low price attracts users to try what a real Bathmate hydro pump is .


  • low price
  • European quality
  • certified product
  • working technology
  • helps to improve erection and strengthen it
  • gives results immediately after the first use
  • a good option for beginners


  • less efficient technology than using Hydromax or HydroXtreme
  • no possibility of using a pumping handball
  • minimal set of accessories – minimal results


A brief description of:

This pump has been criticized for its design, which is very reminiscent of the original Bathmate hydro pump design. At the same time, many people buy it because of a number of additional advantages. It is about using a system of nozzles to control the pump’s power.

I can’t say that I felt much of a difference between the attachments I used, which I had a hard time attaching. At the same time, Penomet makes promises that you can not only get rid of an erection but also increase your penis and get rid of premature ejaculation.

I can attest to the fact that the pump really enhances erections, and I have used it even without water in the tube. However, several months of use showed no change in penis size, also with premature ejaculation, which I suffer from.


  • the pump has unique features that I did not find very effective
  • the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty
  • it can be effective for penis enlargement and getting rid of premature ejaculation
  • it can be used without water in the tube
  • it helps with penis curvature
  • the tube is made of heavy-duty plastic, and does not beat


  • high price
  • packages differ only in the number of nozzles in it
  • promises did not work very well for me in terms of penis enlargement and getting rid of premature ejaculation
  • the pump is very similar to Bathmate, while its quality of materials is lower


A brief description of:

An excellent penis pump for beginners and men who prefer classic pumping technology. It involves the use of air rather than water in a tube, and also has an electric format for creating a vacuum. Just stick your penis into the tube and turn on the button.

Nothing complicated. In this case, you need to read the instructions. Included with the pump are special rubber rings to maintain an erection. In general, the pump is used to quickly create an erection and to get rid of erectile dysfunction with prolonged use.

It took me a while to figure out how to put on the penis ring, but overall it’s very easy to use.


  • FDA -approved
  • manufactured by a well-known medical company Andromedical
  • the pump has all the necessary certifications
  • it is tested, and its action is proven
  • easy to use
  • has a low price
  • safe enough when used correctly


  • since during the operation of the pump, there is direct contact between the vacuum and the mucous membrane of the penis. With prolonged use, capillaries on the penis may burst, the head may turn red or there will be ruptures of the tissues of the penis
  • pumping with an air vacuum is not suitable for all men. Many complain about discomfort during use
  • due to the nature of the technology, many men are forced to use the pump no more than a few times a week
  • air vacuum pumps are useless for penis enlargement

Final review

When choosing a penis pump, you should first start from the tasks that you set for this device, and then consider options based on technology, brand, model, technical characteristics, results, and side effects. Your choice should be based on your own preferences and only then take into account the various ratings.

Remember, there are men who can use a regular electric air vacuum penis pump like the Androvacuum, but for others, it is completely contraindicated. The only alternative technology is hydro-pumping, and the best pump in this category is Bathmate.

At the same time, 3 pump series are available for purchase. Each differs in its properties, content, and even technology. At the same time, having chosen a pump series, you also need to decide on its size. Only in this way will you consistently come to an individual choice of a penis pump that will be effective for you and with which you can not only get rid of erectile dysfunction but also increase your penis and strengthen your erection


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